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Sage Accounting & Finance Software

Software is tool, that when used correctly, makes your business more effective, efficient, and profitable. At Realized Financial Solutions, we choose to work exclusively with Sage Software products because we have found it is the best tool to balance cost, complexity and effectiveness for our clients.

You can manage your entire business with Sage.

Fully customizable and scalable, the Sage family of products fits any size organization. It is a perfect solution for any type of business from retail to medical offices to professional sports to insurance to distribution to manufacturing, for firms generally from $2MM to $50MM and one to 30 active accounting users in the system.

Sage 100 is a great fit for “back office only” requirements – General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Bank Reconciliation. Your processes also can be strengthened with integrations possible to or from other “front end” or external systems (like your bank website, payroll service, etc). The especially strong GL also provides flexibility in Financial Reporting with up to 10 segments for use in companies with complex reporting requirements like multi-locations, departments or divisions. Flexible allocations, consolidations and inter-company transactions are also possible.

Third-Party Add-Ons

Like many products, there is an extremely large universe of third party add-ons for Sage 100. The best advice is buyer beware. Read more our approach to third-party add-ons.