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Sage 100 (Formerly “MAS 90”)

Let us help you grow faster and smarter with Sage 100

From real-time reports and financial management features to manufacturing and distribution capability, Sage 100 provides the tools and technology to run an efficient operation. With Sage 100 you have the software you need to grow your business without adding the staff, cost or complexity that stifles many small growing companies.

Simply put, you can leverage the power of Sage 100 to get work done more efficiently and with fewer resources.

Simply put, you can leverage the technology of Sage 100 to get work done more efficiently and with fewer resources.

Sage 100 Features

While there are hundreds of functional modules and features to meet your needs, here are just a few of the major components of Sage 100.

  • Download PDFAccounting and Finance. Powerful core accounting and financial modules help to convert everyday chores into simple tasks. Customizable options, user-friendly design, and intuitive workflow will increase efficiency of your core accounting operations so you can post journal entries, process customer payments, and cut checks or electronic payments to your vendors with ease.
  • Inventory management and warehousing. Take charge of your inventory to reduce carrying costs and fulfill orders on-time. Get full control over your warehouse inventory, track stock accurately, and improve customer satisfaction with real-time inventory management features designed for wholesale distributors.
  • Manufacturing. Light manufacturing or assembly needs fit easily into the Sage manufacturing modules. Track raw material, work in process and finished goods quantities and costs, components and outside process steps and costs accurately in proven workflows.
  • Request a DemoSales. Set new standards for customer service, improve loyalty and retention, and boost sales by providing your sales reps with complete, up-to-the-minute customer and order information on-screen and at their fingertips – inventory availability, item pricing, quantity pricing, customer histories and more.
  • Purchasing. Streamline your entire purchasing process from order to receipt. Purchasing management for distributors creates detailed, accurate records of every purchase, including quantities, price, who places the order, and special shipping instructions.

Third-Party Add-Ons

Like many products, there is an extremely large universe of third party add-ons for Sage 100. The best advice is buyer beware. Read more about our approach to third-party add-ons.