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Sage Payment Solutions

Let us help you simplify payment processing with Sage Exchange

Make your business life easier by connecting your credit/debit card, ACH and check payment processing to your accounting or EPP software with Sage Exchange. And what that means to your business is getting paid faster and spending less time manually entering and reconciling payments data. Additionally, Sage Exchange removes your integrated payment solutions from PCI exposure, which truly makes your business transactions more secure.

If your business is ready to accept debit and credit cards, either in your retail location or on your website, Sage Payment Solutions can help.

Sage Payment Solutions Features

  • Affordable: no third party contracts, no middleman, no upfront fees. Open up a merchant account with Sage and just turn on data integration with Sage Exchange enabled accounting solutions.
  • A Complete Solution: integrate all forms and methods of payments with your Sage Exchange enabled accounting solutions.
  • Simple: no IT resources required. A simple 3-step approach to connect your payment processing terminals with Sage Exchange enabled accounting solutions.
  • Best Practices: achieve a best practices payments environment by eliminating data entry, automating cash flow to your bank, and expanding your sales opportunities by accepting payments everywhere your customers are.
  • PCI Free Zone: increase your businesses’ security and lessen your PCI burden by processing all your payments in the Sage Exchange environment.

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