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Sage 100 Integration

Integrating Sage 100 to or from other products

Integration keeps everything together and electronic. Once data is in a system, it should not have to be entered again. Exporting and importing through spreadsheets isn’t an answer – it’s a Band-Aid.

One of the key features in Sage 100 is the ability to receive data from or share data to other applications, often in a scripted, unattended and fully automated way. Some examples include:

  • Bank Rec transaction downloads from your Bank
  • Importing Payroll entries from your Payroll service
  • Importing General Ledger entries from other “front end” applications such as Point of Sale
  • Delivering data to or gathering data from your website

Working closely with our affiliated company, Realized Solutions, a Microsoft Gold partner, we have developed several custom applications that have broad applicability and can be tailored easily for your unique needs. These include:

  • Time entry for Payroll and/or Job Cost
  • Employee Expense entry and reporting integrated to Accounts Payable and/or Job Cost
  • Credit card downloads from Amex integrated to Job Cost and Accounts Payable
  • Zip file delivery of Sage 100 data to other locations
  • “Mirroring” of Sage 100 data to Microsoft SQL for “back-end” reporting, delivery or alerts
  • Scripting and automation of repetitive Import and/or Export routines
  • Customer Rebate and Salesperson Commission calculations and reporting

We’re happy to work with you to vision, spec and implement whatever custom, integrated solution might make sense for you.