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System Reviews

Sage 100 ERP tune-up

Over time, any system will accumulate unnecessary data and require some basic levels of maintenance in order to make the system and your network perform faster, and to make the data always be meaningful.

Keep your data lean and meaningful with the well-established program performed with a periodic ‘ERP tune-up’. Our service includes:

  • Challenging data retention policies on transaction detail retention across every module in the system
  • Archiving, then purging Transaction History files across the system selectively as required for stale-dated historical transactions
  • Reviewing the setup options in all modules to ensure that data retention policies are set to current requirements
  • Looking for and archiving and/or deleting old and obsolete companies, data files, help files, backups, users, report files and redundant versions
  • Running any indicated utilities to assist in any of the above processes